What I Love about Music: in Order of Importance

1) Losing myself in the world of interactive group improvisation, When everything is right; when I am on and not injured, on a great instrument, with great players and friends, with any size appreciative audience, or none at all.

2) The Sounds of the notes themselves.  The love of listening to music played whether it’s played by others of myself. When there are no thoughts in my head except “thought in sound”

3) The Puzzle of figuring out new music, or new compositions, or new harmonic or rhythmic structures. I am in love with the systems of harmony, rhythm, melody, and the physics of timbre.  The math behind it all is mystical and spiritual for me.

4) The Comraderie with musician friends, while making music and while hanging out, talking, sharing humor. Jazz musicians are some of my favorite people: Intellectuals with barroom humor.

5) The Teaching of talented, curious, musically ambitious people.

6) The Self-Image it gives me.  The place I fit in society and in my community. The respect given that transcends money-based status.

7) The Money

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