Piano/Music Lessons

I teach jazz, pop, blues, rock, funk, Brazilian music, Afro-Cuban music, gospel, fusion, classical music, folk, film and video-game music…

I teach piano, keyboards, electric bass, guitar, music theory and improvisation for all instruments. My students read music as well as learn by ear and theory. We often learn from YouTube videos and notate in our music manuscript notebooks.  I have students ages 12-78.

We always want to define a musical path for each student to follow so that we can choose material in an order that builds on knowledge, and reuses and reinforces material already learned. Examples of paths we use regularly include:

  • Pop & Rock piano. Arranging pop/rock band music for piano.
  • Blues piano. Blues styles, licks, songs, chords & scales…
  • A rigorous Jazz Piano method I have developed. Improv tools.
  • Professional Keyboard Playing. All styles and techniques needed.
  • Adventure Theme Music. From sheet music and YouTube videos.
  • Classical music and other written music.

Call: (541) 531-8547       email: scogmo@jeffnet.org

2016 prices:
55  minutes  $48
45  minutes  $40
30  minutes  $30

I also teach electronic music and all aspects of music technology including Digital Audio Workstation software, Music Notation Software, Software Synthesizers, all kinds keyboards and sound synthesis including Hammond B3 organ, Clavinette, analog lead synthesizer, recording, mixing, EQing, effects…